IRMA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Western Governors University.

This partnership: reflects IRMA’s commitment to workforce development and will afford flexible and affordable educational opportunities that meet the needs of the retail workforce. IRMA knows the long-term vitality of Illinois’ economy hinges on having a literate, educated workforce able to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing and challenging global economy. We understand that developing a quality workforce goes beyond elementary and secondary education. Workforce development efforts targeted at adults and existing workforce members are vital to ensuring they remain professionally viable.

With that we are excited to promote WGU’s Essential Worker Scholarship. Currently, WGU is offering a focused scholarship program for essential workers. This scholarship, designated for those essential workers who have helped our communities through the pandemic, is valued at up to $3,000 towards any WGU bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, information technology, health professions or education.

Application deadline is June 30, 2021.

Scholarship Application