IL COVID-19 Update #2


Governor JB Pritzker just concluded his press conference. Contrary to initial indications, the Governor did NOT prohibit gatherings of 250 or more. Repeat – did NOT. He did, however, say they are taking it under consideration as well as other undefined steps.

The Business Emergency Operations Center has been activated. The Illinois Department of Public Health has activated a statistical tracker on their web page that can be found here.

The Assembly cancelled legislative session for next week.

The Governor indicated they are looking at all options. Those include large gathering prohibitions, paid leave potentially thru the unemployment insurance system, shutting down sporting events, etc. IRMA has been communicating with his point people regarding the options they are considering, issues they should consider, etc.

Not surprisingly, but disappointing nonetheless, some advocates are attempting to leverage the coronavirus to now push for a 15-day paid leave mandate as opposed to the 5-day they were previously pursing.

My apologies for the bad information earlier.

Please contact IRMA if you have other questions.

IL COVID-19 Update #1


Governor JB Pritzker is going to hold a presser this afternoon announcing a number of measures. Included will be a ban on gatherings of more than 250 people. IRMA will provide additional details shortly.

Casey’s General Store – 2019 Retailer of the Year

By Events

For more than 40 years, Casey’s General Stores have anchored communities across Illinois, welcoming neighbors and travelers alike to fill their tanks and their stomachs.

What started with a leased service station in Des Moines, Iowa in 1959 has quickly grown into one of the nation’s most successful convenience stores, operating more than 2,100 locations across 16 states – including 448 outposts in Illinois.

Through the years, Casey’s success has been attributed to its friendly employees who pride themselves on exceptional customer service and the determination to positively impact each community that Casey’s serves. Customers have come to know Casey’s for their clean stores, quality gasoline, and wide selection of freshly prepared food items, including various sweet treats, sub sandwiches, salads and their famous, delicious pizza!

Headquartered in Ankeny, IA and now a Fortune 500 company, Casey’s is currently the fourth largest convenience store chain. The company is also the fifth largest pizza chain in the nation and sells more than 19 million freshly made pizzas a year, along with 62 million individual slices.

Casey’s has been labeled “food forward” by the consumer research firm NPD Group for offering a diverse and outstanding selection of freshly prepared foods and is poised to expand the convenience footprint in the United States.

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association is honored to present the 2019 Illinois Retailer of the Year award to Casey’s General Store.

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