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Integrate Prescribing Workflows with Bamboo Health’s PMP Gateway™

By July 11, 2024No Comments

Prescribers across the state of Illinois have an opportunity to better integrate prescribing workflows and improve patient care outcomes.

Bamboo Health, a trusted partner with the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA), is dedicated to addressing this challenge. Through the nation’s most powerful care collaboration network and Real-Time Care Intelligence™, Bamboo Health empowers providers, pharmacists and care teams nationwide with a more complete picture of controlled substance information to drive better patient and financial outcomes.

Challenges for Prescribers

Prescribers often encounter several challenges in their day-to-day operations. One of the primary issues is integrating multi-state prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data into existing clinical workflows. This lack of integration often results in inefficient access to crucial data, leading to time-consuming processes for care team members. Additionally, prescribers must continuously focus on ensuring compliance and improving patient safety to reduce controlled substance misuse. The burden on providers to manually access and analyze PDMP data can also contribute to workflow inefficiencies and increased risk of errors.

Opportunities for Greater Integration

One key Bamboo Health solution, PMP Gateway, integrates multi-state PDMP data into existing clinical workflows, improving access and saving time for care team members. PMP Gateway delivers full transparency into PDMP data by integrating directly into the workflows of 500+ clinical systems, including electronic health records, pharmacy management systems and health information exchanges.

One of Bamboo’s clients, Marcrom’s Pharmacy, leveraged PMP Gateway to access interstate PDMP data and save valuable time. One pharmacist shared: “[PMP Gateway] populates everything so I can find patients much easier. I only have to push three buttons and I’m there! The integration was so seamless and easy for us, and the learning curve has been very, very simple.”

This greater data availability and interconnectedness with other state systems saves an average of four minutes per patient search, making it easier to comply and improve patient safety. It also alleviates provider burdens while reducing controlled substance misuse.

For more information on improving your prescribing workflows, see our webpage here and contact Bamboo Health here.