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IRMA has been contacted by the Mayor’s office in Chicago to see if we had signs for the police department to hand out to retailers reminding customers that the law requires them to wear a face covering. The Mayor’s office expressed concern that there were a number of retailers calling CPD when customers refused to wear a face covering in the store. They claim that when the police showed up, many retailers did not have signage posted at the front entrance or elsewhere in the store to remind customers to wear their mask. In order to help retailers and restaurants be proactive on this issue, we have developed the attached signs for you to print and post. The police have requested more compliance on this issue and we want to make sure that we are staying cooperative with them as we all navigate this challenging requirement.

Click on a sign below to download and print the full-sized version.


Diamond Corporation

The mask is a medical, non-surgical mask.  It is designed to FDA specifications, but is not made to FDA compliance standards due to our factory which produces Hart Schaffner & Marx suits not being a “Clean Room” factory. The mask is ideal to be worn by retail store staff, retail warehouse staff, security guards, office personnel, anyone other than a doctor or nurse, as they are within close proximity of ill patients. The mask is washable construction, and is achieving 15 washes on a gentle cycle and low heat drying. The mask is a 3 layer design, in sizes small thru x-large.  The two outer layers are cotton and the inner layer is a non-woven which restricts, per testing, 88% of particulate flow.

We are seeking minimum orders of 500 units per buyer. Cost is $2.99 per unit.  Price will remain static, unless the cost of raw materials, specifically the cotton fabric, goes up or down.  We will provide proof of any price changes for raw materials.

Contact: Kenneth Ragland (

Bates Material

Bates Material (2031 S. Indiana Ave.) is currently constructing PPE masks using high-efficiency material technology made in the USA. The nanofiber technology creates a very fine, continuous, resilient fiber that mechanically filters pollutants, maintaining its initial MERV 13 efficiency rating through multiple washes. They are capable of filtering out 95% of large and small particles, including certain types of bacteria. The beauty of the washable fabric is that you can wash it as needed at your convenience. After multiple washes the fabric maintains its MERV Rating of 13 and continues to filter bacteria along with dust, lint, pollen, mold, pet dander, smoke, fumes, odors and viruses. Bates mission is to provide PPE supplies of the highest quality, with unmatched and immediate delivery performance. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value developed by the ASHRAE. MERV ratings range from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the air filter will be in trapping airborne contaminants and particles. For instance, a MERV 13 rating traps smaller airborne particles than a MERV 8. The material used by Bates has a MERV 13 rating and is the most efficient washable filter material on the market.

Bates Material PPE cost $5 each (orders over 1,000 are $4 a piece). To order, call (312) 808-8091 or email

Global Sourcing Connection

GLOSO is offering several options for face coverings to match all needs and price levels. Details on options can be found here. 

ESW Personal Protection Products LLC

Face covering solutions for non-healthcare frontline essential workers. Details on options can be found here.