This Week in Springfield – Issue 100-16

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Today, another bill was introduced to repeal the Cook County sweetened beverage tax. HB 4083, introduced by Rep. Michelle Mussman (D- Schaumburg) already has 17 co-sponsors including Democrats and Republicans. A bi-partisan reaction to the over-reach of Cook County. IRMA issued the following statement: “Consumers and retailers are furious over Cook County’s sweetened beverage tax and its ripple effect has resulted in lawmakers in Springfield taking notice. This proposal reflects that anger. This is a start but a complete solution must repeal the ability of local governments to tax their way up and down the ingredient label of every product. A bill with anything less will not fully protect consumers and retailers from the kind of tax abuse being witnessed in Cook County,” said Rob Karr, president & CEO of IRMA. ... See MoreSee Less

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