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IL COVID-19 Update #20

By March 24, 2020March 27th, 2020No Comments

The Illinois Department of Labor has formally streamlined the process by which employers can allow employees to work more than six consecutive days. Under current law, employers must file a permit for every location, file by Friday before, and include certain information. That information is then reviewed by IDOL and a determination is given.

Under this emergency rule, if a permit is requested due to COVID-19, the employer may seek ONE permit covering one or more locations, anticipated number of employees, the anticipated duration of the permit, and a statement as to how the request is related to COVID-19 (e.g. supplying essential items to essential businesses). IDOL will then consider the permit approved unless they contact the employer within two-business days.

It must be emphasized that only employees who volunteer are eligible to work more than six consecutive days.

IRMA members can view the rationale for the emergency rule here, and can view the emergency rule here which shows the mark-ups so you can easily see the changes. This rule expires after 150-days OR upon the date the Governor cancels his emergency declaration.

IRMA would like to thank IDOL for streamlining the process during this pandemic.