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IL COVID-19 Update #2

By March 11, 2020March 17th, 2020No Comments

Governor JB Pritzker just concluded his press conference. Contrary to initial indications, the Governor did NOT prohibit gatherings of 250 or more. Repeat – did NOT. He did, however, say they are taking it under consideration as well as other undefined steps.

The Business Emergency Operations Center has been activated. The Illinois Department of Public Health has activated a statistical tracker on their web page that can be found here.

The Assembly cancelled legislative session for next week.

The Governor indicated they are looking at all options. Those include large gathering prohibitions, paid leave potentially thru the unemployment insurance system, shutting down sporting events, etc. IRMA has been communicating with his point people regarding the options they are considering, issues they should consider, etc.

Not surprisingly, but disappointing nonetheless, some advocates are attempting to leverage the coronavirus to now push for a 15-day paid leave mandate as opposed to the 5-day they were previously pursing.

My apologies for the bad information earlier.

Please contact IRMA if you have other questions.