CRMA Poll Finds Emanuel Near 50%




Undecided Voters Breaking Towards Emanuel



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CHICAGO – Chicago Retail Merchants Association (CRMA), a committee of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA), has released findings from a poll indicating Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is at or over the 50% required to win the Chicago mayoral election were the election to be held today.

The poll results find Emanuel at 48.65%, Garcia at 37.72% with undecided voters at 13.63%. However, when undecided voters were asked to make a decision, nearly 21% chose Emanuel while 15% chose Garcia. The mayor holds a commanding lead among likely female voters but his lead is narrow among males. In addition, when asked who would be better at creating jobs, Emanuel holds his lead with women and his support among men jumps substantially. Likewise, the mayor has a healthy lead among likely African-American and Caucasian voters. Garcia, however, holds a large lead among Hispanics while the candidates are split among Asian voters. The poll was conducted by We Ask America on Wednesday, February 25th, collecting responses from 1,138 likely voters with a margin of error of ±2.91%.

“While there are six weeks before Election Day, it would appear that Mayor Emanuel is in a strong position with likely Chicago voters,” said Rob Karr, President, Chicago Retail Merchants Association. “When voters are asked about their perception of which candidate would be better at creating new jobs in Chicago, the numbers mirror each candidate’s overall support, indicating this is a major factor in voters’ opinions.”


1.      As you may know, Rahm Emanuel and Chuy Garcia will run against each other in a mayoral runoff election on April 7th. If that election were held today, for whom would you vote?
 Rahm Emanuel:  48.65%        ||        Chuy Garcia:  37.72%         ||           Undecided: 13.63%


2.      (Only asked to “undecided” voters:) Even though you haven’t decided who you’ll vote for, we’d like to know if you’re LEANING toward voting for either candidate.
Rahm Emanuel:  20.89%        ||        Chuy Garcia:  15.46%         ||           Undecided: 63.65%


 3.      Which candidate for mayor do you think would be better for creating new jobs in Chicago?
Rahm Emanuel:  49.12%        ||        Chuy Garcia:  34.66%         ||           Undecided: 16.22%


Poll Methodology

Demographic information recorded in the poll provided data to normalize (weight) the results to provide the most accurate results that account for ethnic origin, gender over/under-sampling.  Our sampling methodology ensures that We Ask America poll results are “projectable,” meaning that if every telephone in a given geography was dialed, the results would not differ from the reported poll results by more than the stated margin of error at a 95% confidence level (the industry standard), were the same survey taken repeatedly.  For this case, results with a margin of error of ±2.91% at the 95% confidence level means that if the same survey were conducted 100 times, then 95 times out of 100 the results would not vary in either direction by more than 2.91% in either direction.

About the Chicago Retail Merchants Association (CRMA)

Chicago Retail Merchants Association (CRMA), a committee of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA), is dedicated to protecting the retail industry in the City of Chicago. Employing one in every five Chicagoans and generating 1/3 of local tax revenues, today, more than ever before, it is necessary for the retail industry to have a firm, solid footing in the activities of local government. CRMA is the voice for retailers in the City of Chicago.