CRMA – 121 Report – Election Edition


For the first time in a very long time, Chicago voters went to the polls to vote for Mayor when there was no clear front-runner candidate and in a wide-open race. Choosing from a field of 14 contenders seemed to overwhelm even the most avid political watchers. The field was diverse ethnically, in age, by gender and in experience. And boy was it a wild race! There was an Alderman wearing a wire which tangled up a couple of candidates, there was a #MeToo accusation on one of the campaigns, cash giveaways in a church for property tax relief and a Kanye West appearance (no word yet on whether he arrived courtesy of the “iPlane 1”).

To be sure, there was significant discussion on the issues of the day, including police reform, support for public schools, crime reduction, holding the line on taxes, increasing taxes and implementing new taxes, building more affordable housing and supporting working families. Unfortunately for the business community, there didn’t seem to be much discussion on training and building a workforce capable of working in a technologically-advanced economy, attracting more employment opportunities, supporting commercial corridors or cutting red tape.

Maybe we’ll hear more about that in the run-off.

That said, in order to win an election outright in the city, a candidate has to secure 50% of the vote plus 1 vote. Tough to do in a field of 14. So the top two vote-getters win the chance to battle it out for the next election on April 2nd. And tonight, the people of Chicago have spoken…all 32% of them…and now our choice is between the current Cook County Board President who is Progressive, labor union-backed, and sweet on taxes against an independent, Progressive, no-nonsense attorney bent on reform. What is sure is that this race will be historic because it will guarantee that Chicago will have its first black, female Mayor.

Here are the vote totals:


Gery Chico:

Bill Daley:

Amara Enyia:

Bob Fioretti:

LaShawn Ford:

Jerry Joyce:

John Kozlar:

Lori Lightfoot:

Garry McCarthy:

Susana Mendoza:

Toni Preckwinkle:

Neal Sales-Griffin:

Paul Vallas:

Willie Wilson:


Lest you thought the race was over, all 50 Aldermanic seats are up at the same time. While we had a few Aldermen who announced their retirements, the majority of Aldermen ran for re-election. Most people were looking to see if Chicago was going to join the Progressive wave sweeping the nation, or if Chicago voters chose to move in a different direction, preferring to gravitate toward the center. And the result so far seems to be a bit of a mixed bag. While you have a Progressive candidate beating a long-term incumbent, you also have a more centrist candidate defeating a vocal Progressive Alderman. Mostly, we will have to see how some of the key runoff races shake out in April.

Winners and run-off races are bolded in green.


Ward 1

Proco “Joe” Moreno (I):

Daniel La Spata

Ward 2

Brian Hopkins (I) (uncontested)

Ward 3

Pat Dowell (I):

Alexandria Willis:

Ward 4

Sophia King (I):

Ebony Lucas:

Ward 5 – RUNOFF

Leslie Hairston (I):

William Calloway:

Gabriel Piemonte:

Ward 6

Roderick Sawyer (I):

Richard Wooten:

Deborah Foster-Bonner:

Ward 7

Gregory Mitchell (I):

Charles Kyle:

Jedidiah Brown:

Ward 8

Michelle Harris (I):

Jewel Easterling-Smith

Linda Hudson:

Faheem Shabazz:

Ward 9

Anthony Beale (I):

Cleopatra Watson:

Paul Collins:

Essie Hall:

Ward 10

Susan Sadlowski Garza (I):

Robert “Bobby” Loncar:

Ward 11

Patrick Daley Thompson (I):

David Mihalyfy:

Ward 12

George Cardenas (I):

Pete Demay:

Martha Yerania Rangel:

Jose Rico:

Ward 13

Marty Quinn (I):

David Krupa:

Ward 14

Edward M. Burke (I):

Jaime Guzman:

Tanya Patino:

Ward 15 – RUNOFF

Raymond Lopez (I):

Joseph Williams:

Rafael “Rafa” Yanez:

Berto Aguayo:

Otis Davis, Jr.:

Ward 16 – RUNOFF

Toni Foulkes (I):

Stephanie Coleman:

Latasha Sanders:

Kenny Doss II:

Jeffrey Lewis:

Eddie Johnson III:

Ward 17

David Moore (I):

Raynetta Greenleaf:

Ward 18

Derrick Curtis (I):

Chuks Onyezia:

Ward 19

Matthew O’Shea (I):

David Dewar:

Ward 20 – OPEN – RUNOFF

Jeanette Taylor:

Nicole Johnson:

Maya Hodari

Jennifer Maddox:

Andre Smith:

Dernard Newell:

Quandra Speights:

Kevin Bailey:

Anthony Driver, Jr.:

Ward 21 – RUNOFF

Howard Brookins (I):

Marvin McNeil:

Patricia Foster:

Joseph Ziegler, Jr.:

Ward 22 – OPEN

Michael Rodriguez:

Lisette “Liz” Lopez:

Richard Juarez:

Neftalie Gonzalez:

Ward 23

Silvana Tabares (I):

Paulino Villarreal, Jr.:

Ward 24

Michael Scott, Jr. (I):

Creative Scott:

Toriano Sanzone:

Traci Johnson:

Ward 25 – OPEN – RUNOFF

Hilario Dominguez:

Alexander Acevedo:

Troy Antonio Hernandez:

Byron Sigcho-Lopez:

Aida Flores:

Ward 26

Roberto Maldonado (I):

Theresa Siaw:

David Herrera:

Ward 27

Walter Burnett, Jr (I):

Cynthia Bednarz:

Ward 28

Jason Ervin (I):

Miguel Bautista:

Jasmine Jackson:

Beverly Miles:

Ward 29

Christopher Taliaferro (I):

Dwayne Truss:

Zerlina Smith:

Ward 30 – RUNOFF

Ariel Reboyras (I):

Jessica Gutierrez:

Edgar “Edek” Esparza:

Ward 31 – RUNOFF

Milagros Santiago (I):

Colin Bird-Martinez:

Felix Cardona, Jr.:

Ward 32

Scott Waguespack (I) (uncontested)

Ward 33 – RUNOFF

Deborah Mell (I):

Katie Sieracki:

R. Rodriguez Sanchez:

Ward 34

Carrie Austin (I):

Preston Brown, Jr.:

Ward 35

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa(I):

Amanda Yu Dieterich:

Ward 36

Gilbert Villegas (I) (uncontested)

Ward 37

Emma Mitts (I):

Tara Stamps:

Deondre Rutues:

Ward 38

Nicholas Sposato (I) (uncontested)

Ward 39 – OPEN – RUNOFF

Robert Murphy:

Samantha “Sam” Nugent:

Casey Smagala:

Joe Duplechin:

Ward 40 – RUNOFF

Patrick O’Connor (I):

Ugo Okere:

Dianne Daleiden:

Andre Vasquez:

Maggie O’Keefe:

Ward 41

Anthony Napolitano (I):

Tim Heneghan:

Ward 42

Brendan Reilly (I) (uncontested)

Ward 43 – RUNOFF

Michele Smith (I):

Derek Lindblom:

Leslie Fox:

Jacob Ringer:

Steven McClellan:

Rebecca Janowitz:

Ward 44

Tom Tunney (I):

Austin Baidas:

Elizabeth Shydlowski:

Ward 45

John Arena (I):

Marilyn Morales:

James “Jim” Gardiner:

Robert Bank:

Ward 46 – RUNOFF

James Cappleman (I):

Marianne Lalonde:

Erika Wozniak Francis:

Justin Kreindler:

Angela Clay:

Jon-Robert McDowell:

Ward 47 – OPEN – RUNOFF

Eileen Dordek:

Angela “Angie” Maloney:

Heather Way Kitzes:

Michael Negron:

Matt Martin:

Gus Katsafaros:

Thomas Schwartzers:

Kimball Ladien:

Jeff Jenkins:

Ward 48

Harry Osterman (I):

David Earl Williams III:

Ward 49

Joe Moore (I):

Maria Hadden:

Ward 50

Debra Silverstein (I):

Andrew Rowlas:

Zehra Quadri:

City Clerk – RUNOFF

Melissa Conyears-Ervin:

Ameya Pawar:

Peter Gariepy:

City Treasurer

Anna Valencia (I) (uncontested)


These results were printed before the final official tally from the Board of Elections, so there may be some adjustments.

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