7-Eleven, Inc. was awarded the 2017 Illinois Retailer of the Year award during IRMA's 60th Annual Luncheon

7-Eleven sets the example for exemplary customer service and an atmosphere that promotes opportunity and the pursuit of personal achievement for their franchises. Not only that, but they continue to lead innovation in the convenience industry at a time when it is experiencing so many changes. It is an honor and a privilege to recognize 7-Eleven as the 2017 Illinois Retailer of the Year.

Rob Karr, IRMA President & CEO

60th Annual Luncheon Held on September 27, 2017

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA) presented the Retailer of the Year designation to 7-Eleven on Wednesday, September 27, at their 60th Annual Meeting and Luncheon. 7-Eleven started as the world’s first convenience store in 1927 and today operates more than 63,000 stores in 18 countries, including 10,900 in North America and 340 in Illinois. 7-Eleven was selected for the award due to their outstanding service and performance in their industry, their innovation in meeting consumer desires, the opportunities they offer to their franchises, and commitment for diversity.

IRMA president and CEO, Rob Karr, presented 7-Eleven with a plaque that recognized their “excellence as a merchant and for profound contributions to industry and community.” Since 1978, IRMA has awarded Retailer of the Year honors to a company that exemplifies what it means to be the backbone of Illinois retailing.

Approximately 200 retailers from across the state attended this year’s event, along with more than 40 elected officials. Rob Karr served as the keynote speaker on the future of retail.



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