121 CRMA Report – June 2018


Members will recall that a proposal was introduced in Chicago’s City Council in June of 2017 that would accomplish the following: regulate how employers create and issue employee schedules, create a system for paying employees that are either sent home early or have their shifts cancelled, mandate that current employees be offered shifts before a new employee is hired and bar employees from closing the store and then opening the next morning.
That proposal has sat dormant since its introduction in the Council’s Rules Committee.
It is our understanding, after having a number of conversations in the past few weeks, that at tomorrow’s Council meeting, a substitute proposal will be introduced to limit the scope of the original proposal. Right now, the proposal applies to all employees making less than $50,000/year. The substitute would possibly limit the proposal’s application to employers that have more than 50 employees, and of those employers the proposal would apply to employees making less than $50,000/year.
If this is true, then that would mark an interesting change in policy for the city which included no such exemptions for the minimum wage and paid sick leave ordinances.
It has become clear that the UFCW, the labor union behind the proposal, has increased contact with Aldermen in the last few weeks and that they indeed plan to make this issue a factor for the upcoming 2019 Mayoral and Aldermanic elections. There are some Aldermen that have had recent success in attracting new restaurants into their wards, and they are concerned that the current proposal will hurt those businesses, so they want to exempt them.
We will take a good read of whatever is introduced tomorrow and send it to you for your thoughts. For our part, IRMA is continuing its discussions with Aldermen on this issue and working with like-minded business groups to defeat the proposal.
We will be in further contact with you shortly.